Quarantined Poster

Screening date to be confirmed



Following the events of an outbreak of a virus, the world has been ordered to stay quarantined. 

With sanctions of martial law in place no one is allowed to step outside and everything must be boarded up.

However there is one individual who believes there is more to this pandemic than what has been told, so he decides to go outside and document his findings to the world once he gets back in.

What he finds he did not expect and is very quickly in over his head.

The things in this world are not just perceived physically.

An Actor and music composer from London.

Most recently been involved working with director JJ Abrams, and has two films in pre production.

Trained in stage combat and also trained in firearms.

Julian london headshot 2017 - Julian Lon

Julian London

Cliché Poster

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A young woman goes on a covert mission in an attempt to avoid being labelled a cliché.


Emma is an actor and a newbie filmmaker, with 'Cliché' being her first of two micro short films made on a zero budget.

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Emma Kirrage

Pythagasaurus Poster

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Bumbling cavemen Ig and Uk awake to find a volcano on their doorstep. Could their only hope be a dinosaur who’s good at maths?

Peter Peake is a freelance animation director and filmmaker working largely with UK based Aardman Animations. His first short ‘Pib & Pog’ (1994) won the McLaren Award at the Edinburgh Film Festival and was nominated for a BAFTA. ‘Humdrum’ (1998) also won the McLaren and was nominated for an Oscar and BAFTA. In 2002 he directed ‘Robbie the Reindeer 2 – Legend of the Lost Tribe’ for Comic Relief/BBC Worldwide, winning an International Emmy, and made ‘Out of Joint’ for SWScreen, shortlisted for Best Short and Best Comedy in the British Animation Awards. He wrote and directed a mini-series of ‘Pib & Pog’ (2006) and ‘JellyBeats’ (2008), online shorts based on characters he created, followed by his next short ‘Pythagasaurus’ (2011). 

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Peter Peke