First Flight Still

Screening date to be confirmed

First Flight


A young girl that wants superpowers has a conversation with her father. An old story is told that gives her hope that she might have powers.

Luis Boström is a Swedish filmmaker. He works as a one man crew that does everything in his movies and he makes movies with his daughter.


Luis Boström

Mind Over Matter Poster

Screening date to be confirmed

Mind Over Matter


Mind Over Matter is a short film set in the not too distant future that pays homage to the art scene... warts and all. We join the opening night of an anonymous Artist's new exhibition of work as he unveils his most daring collection of art to date. What price would you pay for art?

I'm a Producer & Script Writer of Short Films & Music Videos who's drawn towards clever and surprising stories that feel rewarding once viewed.


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Al Eales


Screening date to be confirmed



A girl trapped in quarantine starts encounter supernatural events.

Jason Gonzalez is a filmmaker from West Palm Beach, Florida. As a kid, he had a vivid imagination. He would create expansive worlds in his mind and turn them into visual art. The visuals and storytelling in a “Hulk” trailer by Ang Lee inspired him to tell stories that would captivate people and leave them in awe. He knew in that moment, that was what he needed to do. 


Jason Gonzalez