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Ticking Boxes


Matt, a stereotypical hetero white male, feels he has life figured out by following the status quo. This all changes when he meets Ryan and the illusion of his idyllic life begins to crumble.

Originally trained as an actor in Musical Theatre, Robert played a bucket list role of Claude in the 50th Anniversary production of HAIR in 2018. After achieving this he wanted a new challenge and set out on a path to learn all there is to know about screen work. Working in the production department of a Feature Film and casting within said feature Robert set out to create his own work and established SETFilms. Ticking Boxes is SET Films debut short film, but with numerous other projects now in the pipeline he's excited to expand the companies portfolio in the coming future and develop new working connections with other likeminded creatives.

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Robert Metson


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Best Friends


A visual story about two best friends sharing a special moment together.

This film took just 11 to complete, from the initial idea to the finished film.

I'm a Producer & Script Writer of Short Films & Music Videos who's drawn towards clever and surprising stories that feel rewarding once viewed.



Luis Boström


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Living in war-torn Eastern Ukraine Anna is an aging single mother who is desperate for a change. Lured by a radio advertisement, she goes to party with a group of American men who are touring the country, searching for love.

Dekel Berenson is an award-winning Israeli filmmaker and storyteller currently based in London. After completing a mandatory three-year service in the Israeli Defence Forces, he obtained a Master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies and traveled the world as a human and environmental rights activist. Over the past three years, he has combined his two passions, making artistic films of high quality that bring light to real-world social and humanitarian issues. His 3rd film, Anna, will première in competition at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival

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Dekel Berenson