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Let us take you inside ‘No. 22’. From the outside it’s a typical house, on a typical London street. Inside live three sisters: Bella, Angela and Donna. Here in their family home, the three adopted sisters (one black, two white) were raised by their loving father. But, due to their turbulent childhoods they have obstacles to overcome

Three Lions Productions


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The Ground Below

The Ground Below 
Synopsis: As a young woman explores her dreams, she begins to uncover something much darker.


I am a London based filmmaker, currently producing music videos, scripted & non scripted short films and tone poetry. My work started with short form documentary, ranging from the impact of Cross Rail II on Chinatown SMEs to the new religious movement the Aetherius Society. I transitioned into scripted work, producing a number of short films such Urbancholia - a film following a young man's depressive fantasy. My films tend to touch on mental health, imagination, memory, dreams and time.



Piers Broadfoot


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In this fast paced action film, the deities known as the Orisha, are re-envisioned as superheroes. We are introduced to the mystical entity Oya, goddess of change as she embarks on a perilous mission to save innocent from the forces of evil.

Nosa Igbinedion is a Nigerian filmmaker whose work is centered in African Sci-Fi and Fantasy. He is dedicated to creating speculative fiction that is rooted in african culture, mythology and point of view which does not place the western gaze at the centre. 

Nosa was recently commissioned by the BBC and BFI to write, and direct 'Binge Watching' a social realist sci-fi short that was broadcast on BBC 4 and I player. 

Nosa's  the creator of 'Rise of the Orisha'; a superhero universe based on ancient African deities. The proof of concept and web-series went viral, clocking millions of views online.


His shorts have won multiple awards and played in notable film festivals around the world (London short film festival, AFRIFF, Raindance among others) and in 2015 he was awarded the 'Rising Talent' Screen Nation award.


Nosa Igbinedion

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