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Smari Gunn

n Wheels we follow a master burglar who gets himself into a tight spot. He needs to improvise on the job when discovering the homeowner is in.

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The Secret Life of Tom Lightfoot portrai

Tom is anxious, he holds a secret in his human heart, a wing beat and a flutter and its bursting to take flight

Ray Jacobs

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TannerEmmet_Cover w title - Helena C-J_e

Tanner must find a way to get some money or never fulfill his dreams of becoming an astronaut. A film about hopes, dreams, and delusions.

Helena Charlton-Jones

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Romance blossoms between an inspirational baker and an overweight businesswoman with a seriously sweet tooth.

Eduardo Barreto /Alison Rayner 

The Race Letters- a series of provocative hypothetical letters between black and white people.

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Georgina-Lauren Thompson 

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Shaken by the aftermath of a miscarriage a young couple uses a simulation to find out whether they still want to be together.

Chedu Agborh / Peace Oseyenmum

Afiche 2 - Distribution Poston.jpg

A man who will try to achieve his lifelong dream

Aarón Navia Campos

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A frustrated young man, who struggles to nurture his talent for art against the harsh realities of growing up in a single parent home within the inner city, Jakob abandons his creative passions to follow the easiest perceived path presented to him: becoming a small time dealer. We follow him through a usual day, handling business. Yet things quickly become more complicated, spiralling into realms unknown as visions of his African ancestry push him in the direction to reach his full potential. To become the man he is destined to be.

Remi Laudat & Simone McIntyre

Pick Up at the Garden party II Edited - CaesarPictures.JPEG

The Story of a Man's Quest for the Ultimate Lockdown Resource.

Zuzana von Schlippe